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Who we are

Tamkeen is a Jordanian non-government organization that seeks to enhance social protection for marginalized groups and victims of human rights violations, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or age. Tamkeen’s main aim is to combat all forms of discrimination, trafficking in persons, torture, and ill treatment. It promotes and protects the rights of victims through offering legal aid and support; organizing and implementing customized training programs, workshops, and seminars; reviewing and analyzing national legislations; and developing advocacy strategies to fulfill our objectives on the local, regional and international levels through networking with stakeholders, advocates, activists, state-and non-state actors.

Since its establishment in 2007, Tamkeen has focused on protecting the rights of the most vulnerable groups in society, with a specialized focus on migrant workers, victims of human trafficking and refugees. It has been doing so through a three-prong strategy of prevention, protection, and prosecution. Tamkeen aims to accomplish its goal through several activities, mainly: conducting capacity building trainings with various stakeholders, with a focus on governmental entities and members of the media; conducting awareness raising sessions that target members of the public, with a focus on migrants, refugees and Jordanians; distributing and printing various kinds of publications, including research reports, studies, and awareness raising materials; and providing legal aid services to beneficiaries.

Due to the cross-border nature of the phenomenon, considerable benefit can be accrued through enhanced regional cooperation. With this in mind, in 2013 Tamkeen launched ANMR, The Arab Network for Migrants’ Rights, as an initiative to unify the efforts of Arab countries to protect the rights of migrants. The network has members from Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, and Libya. Tamkeen believes that there is a lot to learn through working with each other and sharing insights and information and a greater ability to affect change across the region through working cooperatively.

What we do

Our work primarily revolves around the following activities:

Legal aid and awareness
Our legal aid services support children and adults, working and non-working individuals, Jordanians and non-Jordanians towards realizing their legal rights within the Jordanian law and empowering them to utilize their access to legal justice.

Capacity Building at the grassroots, organizational, and governmental levels
We provide capacity building trainings for various governmental entities, including the Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Justice, and Public Security Department, as well as community organizations and members.

Awareness raising sessions
Our awareness raising sessions target community members of all nationalities, ages, and backgrounds, in formal or informal settings, to cover various topics, including the labor law, anti-human trafficking law, and prevention and protection mechanisms for individuals facing related violations.

Advocacy, coalition forming, and referral system strengthening
We have taken part in drafting the National Strategy for Preventing Human Trafficking through organizing a series of meetings and discussions that contributed towards an updated national strategy that is democratic, holistic, and realistic.

Livelihood case management
We help provide services for livelihood case management through partnering with local community-based organizations that provide services such as non-formal education, psychosocial support, and vocational training programs.

Media campaigns
Our media campaigns cover stories related to labor violations, anti-human trafficking, and child labor, and include media trainings that strengthen and empower local journalists to increase their coverage of these topics.

Where we Work

Tamkeen has three offices in Jordan. Our primary office is located in the capital city, Amman, and our other offices are in Mafraq and Irbid.

Our Team

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Current Programs

Preventing and Minimizing Child Labor in Hazardous Sectors in Jordan

The past few decades have shown an alarming rate of child labor cases in Jordan, especially its worst forms. The latest statements by the Ministry of Social Development state that out of 70,000 working children in Jordan, 45,000 are working in hazardous sectors. While both of these figures are extremely high, even they do not provide the full picture.

Enhancing Access to Legal Rights for Migrants and Refugees in Jordan

Historically, Jordan has acted as a safe haven for many migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. The Kingdom has been the receiver of thousands of individuals, beginning with Palestinian refugees, followed by Iraqi refugees, and most recently, Syrian refugees. As of 2020, Jordan’s total population was estimated to be 10,806,000, with over 41% constituting international migrants, making it one of the highest countries with a migrant population in the Levant region.

Tamkeen on the Ground

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