Tamkeen for Legal Aid and Human Rights is a Jordanian non-government organization that seeks to enhance social protection for marginalized groups and victims of human rights violations, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or age. Tamkeen’s main aim is to combat all forms of discrimination, trafficking in persons, torture, and ill treatment. It promotes and protects the rights of victims through offering legal aid and support; organizing and implementing customized training programs, workshops, and seminars; reviewing and analyzing national legislations; and developing advocacy strategies to fulfil our objectives on the local, regional and international levels through networking with stakeholders, advocates, activists, state-and non-state actors.

Since its establishment in 2007, Tamkeen has focused on protecting the rights of the most vulnerable groups in society, with a specialized focus on migrant workers, victims of human trafficking and refugees. It has been doing so through a three-prong strategy of prevention, protection, and prosecution. Tamkeen aims to accomplish its goal through several activities, mainly: conducting capacity building trainings with various stakeholders, with a focus on governmental entities and members of the media; conducting awareness raising sessions that target members of the public, with a focus on migrants, refugees and Jordanians; distributing and printing various kinds of publications, including research reports, studies, and awareness raising materials; and providing legal aid services to beneficiaries.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in partnership with Tamkeen for Legal Aid and Human Rights, are implementing a program titled “Protection of Labor Rights in Jordan”. The overall objective of the program is to increase workers’ access to their labor rights and increase the awareness of employers on decent working conditions.

As a part of the capacity development component of the program, Tamkeen seeks to conduct an elementary phase for the development of a Complaints, Feedback and Response Mechanism (CFRM) that enhances accountability and project implementation, as well as ensures beneficiaries have safe, non-biased means of providing complaints and feedback.

Tamkeen is seeking an experienced consultant with a technical background in institutionalizing CFRM into a small organization.

Scope and Objectives

The objectives of this consultancy are to 1) assess Tamkeen’s organizational processes, procedures, and needs with respect to beneficiaries 2) develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) related to CFRM based on organizational needs and capacities 3) train staff on developed SOPs 4) propose a model for the proper documentation and tracking of complaints and feedbacks and 5) develop a basic implementation roadmap for future phases of CFRM development building on suggestions of this consultancy.

The primary objective of this consultancy is to develop Standard Operating Procedures that will provide policies, processes and standards needed for Tamkeen to implement CFRM processes, enhance its accountability, create a safe working environment for beneficiaries and employees to launch complaints and feedbacks, as well as provide guidance for how to address and resolve beneficiary/employee issues. The SOPs should be developed based on the capacity and needs of Tamkeen in its current stage, keeping in mind potential future stages of CFRM development once the first development phase is successfully and sustainably implemented.

Over 15 days’ work, the consultant is expected to accomplish the following objectives:

1.Mapping of CFRM status in Tamkeen now

This involves reviewing:

  • Current practices that incorporate complaint and feedback mechanisms and staff responsibility with relation to those practices
  • Current practices for collecting and documenting data relating to CFRM
  • What is working well and what challenges are being faced
  • What is being done to institutionalize CFRM in its current state?

2. Development of SOPs and training of staff on SOPs

  • Identify the scope of the SOPs based on nature of Tamkeen’s work and activities
  • Write the SOPs, presenting processes and easy-to-read flow charts, with explanations of steps and persons responsible
  • Develop and conduct a training session on the implementation of the SOPs for all relevant staff. Training plan and participants will be determined based on the needs identified in the consultancy.

3.Develop a basic implementation roadmap for future development phases

  • Identify missing gaps needed for a comprehensive CFRM system based on the consultancy findings
  • Provide a roadmap and suggestions for steps to take moving forward with implementing CFRM in future phases

Suggested Methodology

  • Desk review of key practices and tools related to CFRM
  • Interviews with key informants including:
    • HR staff
    • Case manager
    • Community facilitator team
    • M&E staff
  • The consultant will work with Tamkeen’s HR and M&E team for guidance and feedback throughout


The final deliverables will be:

  • The text of the SOPs (in Arabic) based on activities outlined above and an assessment of needs
  • A training on the implementation of SOPs conducted for key staff
  • A roadmap document outlining suggested steps to take moving forward with CFRM implementation

The approximate timeline is shown below:

ActivityApproximate number of working daysDeadline
Information gathering and understanding Tamkeen’s needs, capacity, and current practices36th March 2023
Submission of draft SOPs413th March 2023
Time for feedback/editing419th March 2023
Conducting training for key staff223rd March 2023
Roadmap for steps moving forward227th March 2023


The consultant will be paid based on the number of working days specified in the technical proposal in two installments:

  • 50% following the submission of the draft SOPs
  • 50 following the finalization of key staff training

Qualifications and Experience

  • Relevant academic experience in human resources, social sciences, law, labor, or migration studies;
  • Relevant experience writing SOPs, processes, procedures, user manuals, and/or work instructions;
  • Ability to collect, organize, analyze, and document important information and process steps;
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative of the tasks;
  • Strong analytical, oral, and written communication skills in Arabic;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and ability to develop easy-to-read process flowcharts;
  • Ability to work efficiently and adhere to deadlines.

Expression of Interest

Interested applicants are requested to submit an application with the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV) outlining relevant qualifications and work experience;
  • A description of the scope of work and intended methodology to be used, as well as tentative work plan, activities, and timeframes
  • An example of previously developed SOPs, processes, procedures, or manuals
  • Financial proposal

Expressions of interest should be sent by e-mail to no later than February 27th, 2023.

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