Tamkeen calls to stop “Violations” of the rights of QIZ workers

Tamkeen Fields for Aid center express its strong condemnation and denunciation to the improper and undignified working conditions in which some workers in the Qualified Industrial Zones and in some textile factories outside these zones are subjected to, which some amount to Human Trafficking crime and Forced Labour conditions.

Tamkeen center team was briefed on the details and work environment of the workers through hundreds of complaints that reached the halls of the center, which folds with it many of the violations the workers are exposed to, by depriving them from their basic human rights, where the diversity of size and shape of the abuses the workers referred to in the context of ruining Jordan’s image in front of the world, and embarrass the state’s position in front of the countries the workers of the factories are citizens of.

The most important violations against some of the workers in several small, medium and large factories are withholding of passports, forcing them to sign a consent document to deposit their passports with the employer, as well as employing irregular workers without correcting their statuses, working long hours without being compensated for overtime. We point out here that the workers were operating in the month of Ramadan from 7:00am till 23:00 and were given 45 minutes break at the time of Iftar.

In addition, some employers refused to renew work and residency permits for workers once it had concluded, which expose workers to irregular situation. It was also noted that most of the workers do not have copies of their contracts, only what they signed prior to arrival to Jordan, despite the fact that the contract is changed upon arrival.

Violations include as well, workers being subjected to verbal or physical abuse if they do not reach the amount of production required from them, which is usually considered as more than their ability.

In addition, the workers accommodation lacks form the minimum human rights residence conditions in terms of overcrowding and lack of minimum public health and safety requirements.

In front of these painful facts and serious violations of human rights and international conventions and standards which are ratified by Jordan to maintain workers’ rights, the center confirms that the poor working conditions are still exists, where the center has documented hundreds of cases in which workers are subjected to inappropriate working conditions, in addition to being subjected to insult, threats and other forms of inhuman treatment.

Therefore, Tamkeen center request relevant authorities to increase efforts to protect workers in the Qualified Industrial Zones, and to increase inspection campaigns, as well to punish perpetrators.

The center stresses the need to amend and activate legislations to protect workers’ rights and equity, and activate methods of access to justice to redress victims.