Tamkeen has launched the Best Media Report Competition on Labour Migration and Refugees

Tamkeen- Amman-  As part of Tamkeen’s efforts to shed light on  migrant workers  and refugees’ issues in Jordan and to raise awareness on their rights, the Best Media Report Competition on Labour Migration, Refugees and Human Trafficking was launched.

The competition aims at encouraging quality reporting on labour migration and refugees’ issues in Jordan, supporting dialogue around their issues and impacting the society positively.

Competition Criteria:

  1. Submissions must have tackled in-depth issues related to migrant workers, refugees and human trafficking in Jordan
  2.  Submissions were / going to be published during the interval 1/1/2018 and 15/3/2019 and published in any media outlet (Print, online, TV, or radio).
  3.  Submissions must include creative tools such as infographics and data analysis

Journalists can submit one entry. Entries that were submitted in 2017-2018’s competition will not be reviewed.

Entries will be evaluated by a jury of experienced reporters and academics according to: the difficulty of getting the content, depth of the research, legal background, clarity and narration style.

Deadline to submit entries is March 15,2019 and no submissions will be accepted after that date.

The First Prize:1000 JD

The Second Prize: 650 JD

The Third Prize: 350 JD

Submissions shall be sent to the email: diala@tamkeen-jo.orgin one of these formats: (PDF, WAV, MP4) with the link of the published report.